Evrydiki Antzoulatou-Retsila

• ΒΑ in History and Archaeology, School of Philosophy, University of Athens
• PhD, School of Philosophy, University of Ioannina
• Post-doctoral studies in Ethnology, Museology, and Cultural Resources Management in France (Ecole du Louvre, Institut d’Art et d’Archéologie Sorbonne, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) and in the U.S.A. (Museum Management Institute, Berkeley).

Musical Studies
Piano, Classical Singing, Musical Theory

Academic positions
• Visiting faculty, University of Athens, Department of Teacher Training of Elementary Education.
• Assistant Professor of Museology, Ionian University, Department of Archival and Library Sciences.
• Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies with an emphasis on the Promotion of the Material Cultural Product, Ionian University, Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting.
• Professor, Ionian University, Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting.
Interpreting, Ionian University, Corfu
• Visiting faculty, Lesley University (Cambridge, MA).

Courses taught
University of Athens
The Pedagogy of the Folklore Museum
Ionian University
Introduction to Museology, Collections Management, Presentation and Interpretation of Museum Collections, Museum Management
Lesley University
Material Culture: Sources for Education and Research, Museum Culture and Cultural Studies
Istituto Professionale per Ciechi (Palermo)
Interpretation and Promotion of Cultural Resources

Postgraduate seminars
• University of Athens: The Pedagogy of the Folklore Museum, Management of Cultural Heritage, Museum Studies.
• Ionian University: Methodology of Research
• Aristotle University of Thessaloniki/University of Western Macedonia (joint postgraduate studies program): Applied Museology
• Harokopion University (Athens): Folk art and Culture
• University of Athens/University of Peloponnese (joint postgraduate studies program): Ethics and Archaeology
• George Washington University: Museum Education
• Rhode Island University: Museum Education
Other seminars
• As curator at the state Museum of Greek Folk Art (Ministry of Culture) seminar teaching on folk art and museology to students of School of Philosophy, University of Athens
• Marasleion Educational Institution (University of Athens): Museum Education

Research interests
Cultural Studies, Museology, Cultural Resources Management
Research projects
• EC Programs: Tempus Tacis, Interreg, Journeyman, Pythagoras II, Socrates
• Programs of the Department of Folk Culture, Ministry of Culture, on field ethnographic research in various Greek areas.
• Research in the collections of institutions in France (Musée de l’Homme, Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires,
Museological Documentation Center of I.C.O.M., UNESCO), the U.S.A. (Museum of Fine Arts/Boston, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology/Brown University, Smithsonian Institution), Australia (Social History Museums/Adelaide, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences/Sydney).